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Apache模块 mod_dav_lock

兼容性仅在 Apache 2.1 及以后的版本中可用


This module implements a generic locking API which can be used by any backend provider of mod_dav. It requires at least the service of mod_dav. But without a backend provider which makes use of it, it's useless and should not be loaded into the server. A sample backend module which actually utilizes mod_dav_lock, is mod_dav_svn, the subversion provider module.

Note that mod_dav_fs does not need this generic locking module, because it uses it's own more specialized version.

In order to make mod_dav_lock functional, you just have to specify the location of the lock database using the DavGenericLockDB directive described below.

Developer's Note

In order to retrieve the pointer to the locking provider function, you have to use the ap_lookup_provider API with the arguments dav-lock, generic0.


DavGenericLockDB 指令

说明Location of the DAV lock database
语法DavGenericLockDB file-path
作用域server config, virtual host, directory

Use the DavGenericLockDB directive to specify the full path to the lock database, excluding an extension. If the path is not absolute, it will be taken relative to ServerRoot. The implementation of mod_dav_lock uses a SDBM database to track user locks.


DavGenericLockDB var/DavLock

The directory containing the lock database file must be writable by the UserGroup under which Apache is running. For security reasons, you should create a directory for this purpose rather than changing the permissions on an existing directory. In the above example, Apache will create files in the var/ directory under the ServerRoot with the base filename DavLock and extension name chosen by the server.